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The Empath Woman Awaken Podcast

Jun 15, 2019

As an empath we feel everything on such a deep level, and cravings and overeating can sometimes be one of our coping mechanisms.

You know the feeling. The donut screaming your name on the break room table. The Ben and Jerry's calling you from the freezer. The warm chocolate chip cookies your daughter just baked, beckoning from the kitchen counter. The nachos eating away at your willpower as you binge on Netflix. Here they are again-the cravings!

We all have them, but do you know why, and what to do about them? Cravings have both physical and emotional components. The most common foods we crave are sugar, carbs, salt, chocolate and my fave cheese! 

So let's chat about some helpful tips to overcoming them, and what truly causes them to strike, it may not be what you think it is.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • The true cause of cravings
  • The reason you may be dealing with depressive feelings
  • How to ground your energy without using heavy foods
  • How to release other people's heavy energies you carry, without using food
  • How to protect yourself as an empath from energy vampires
  • How to feel vibrant, healthy and full of joy


If you would like to download the guide I speak about to protect your energy and stop emotional over-eating you can do so here: